Your questions about LPG and Rockgas Taupo answered


If you have any questions about LPG or the service Rockgas Taupo provides, take a look at these LPG FAQs first. If you’re still unsure or have questions of your own, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer care team. We’re here to help and will assist you with anything you need.

Rockgas has created an easy-to-use mobile app for your smartphone or tablet that makes ordering LPG gas super easy. Just download the Rockgas app onto your device, put in your details, and you’re good to go.

To get the app, go to your online app store on Apple or Google Play and search for Rockgas LPG. Put your surname in the account number field and contact information, and you’re ready to order LPG wherever and whenever you need it.

The app also gives you the option to check your account, manage the frequency of your deliveries, and you can change any details easily. It’s ordering LPG gas made easy!

Rockgas Taupo can refill  a variety of sizes on site come into our store to find out more.

Delivery options for 45kg LPG gas bottles. Otherwise, ongoing charges for bottled gas include a cylinder rental fee plus the cost of each cylinder refill.

Safety comes first at Rockgas Taupo. The bottles are designed to withstand huge amounts of pressure and heat. Even in an intense fire, our cylinders will not explode. Its normal for small bursts of gas to be released  in a controlled manner, to reduce the pressure. Our gas bottles are carefully maintained and rigorously tested. We even leak-test your hoses and connections during each delivery.

While smelling LPG may not be a direct sign of danger, as there can be several reasons for this, it’s always best to be on the safe side and call us or a registered gas fitter right away if you smell gas while on your property.

Yes, they can. Direct sunlight and heat are not a problem. The LPG gas bottles are safe and specifically designed for this.  Our bottles are built to last and maintained and checked right here in New Zealand, they are fit for our specific weather conditions.

If the gas bottles are stored upright and placed in a well-ventilated area, they will be perfectly fine and safe to use for several years. If you have ordered gas for your holiday home or bach and there’s gas left in the bottle when you leave, rest assured that it will be completely safe to use next summer. Only using small amounts of gas over time is also totally fine.

Most of our customers rent their gas bottles. This means we are responsible for maintaining and delivering them, which is easy and ensures the safety of the gas bottles.

According to health and safety regulation guidelines the gas fitter will recommend location of gas bottle cylinder installation. Please note that there are some legal requirements we must abide by, but we will explain these to you.

Yes, we will still deliver even if you are not home. Our team will get in touch with you if they run into difficulty. Otherwise, they’ll go right ahead and deliver your gas. Please note, if you have a gate code we will need to know this and if you have a dog on premises it will need to be secured on the day of delivery.

If gas bottles are lost, damaged or stolen, please ring our customer service team right away and let us know. You are responsible for the cost of the cylinders rented from us, but your insurance company should cover the cost.

We need to know about it if there’s a dog around when we deliver your gas, so please don’t forget to mention it. Unsecured dogs can be a huge risk for our delivery team. Please make sure to place your dog inside or  secure with a leash when we arrive at your property. If your dog isn’t restrained, unfortunate incidents can happen and it’s better to avoid any problems.

Please check our delivery map to see where our team delivers to, or feel free to give us a call on 073787828 to speak with one of our Customer Care Team members.

Yes – You will need to let us know either via emailing us at or by calling us on 07-378-7828.

No, you don’t need separate accounts. You can have multiple properties on just one Rockgas account.

Yes, you can pay for your gas delivery with your credit card.

Just click here and follow the steps.

If gas is the main way to heat water and cook, the landlord must provide access to a gas supply. The landlord usually pays for the hire charge of the gas bottles. The tenant pays for the cost of the gas used. More information can be found in this link.